Shane Carwin After Fight Interview

By , November 14, 2010 4:07 am

Shane Carwin Video clip Ranking: four / 5

25 Responses to “Shane Carwin After Fight Interview”

  1. GSP4EVAH says:

    @CaMaRo1RoC89 well he is good. a victory over fedor is huge. but he’s kinda like brock lesnar. he has the size advantage which contributes to his victory. The battles I would like to see are Overeem vs. Carwin, and Silva vs. Brock. I think Shane poses a greater threat to Overeem than Brock.

  2. CaMaRo1RoC89 says:

    @GSP4EVAH yup. silva is no good. he just just got hyped becouse his victory over fedor. carwin would destroy him.

  3. dustinjonesguitarist says:

    His voice is massaging my ears.

  4. GSP4EVAH says:

    @ImNotCow1 that would be an awesome fight. but after seeing Silva get toyed around by corier, i think carwin’s punches would be harder, and Carwin would take it

  5. Malkeon says:

    He is so calm that gives me the creeps.

  6. ImNotCow1 says:

    shane carwin vs antionio silva who winns

  7. AngryEyebrows96 says:

    sexy voice 😀

  8. allexcosta says:

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  9. BlackLabelForLife says:

    @BloodofPatriots cool life story bro

  10. BloodofPatriots says:

    @DPE3926 Abo.

  11. DPE3926 says:

    @BloodofPatriots Good work there chief.

  12. BloodofPatriots says:

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  13. DPE3926 says:

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  14. BloodofPatriots says:

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  15. DPE3926 says:

    @BloodofPatriots Actually I’m from Australia, and seriosuly grow the fuck up, racism is a weapon for retards.

  16. BloodofPatriots says:

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  17. DPE3926 says:

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  18. BloodofPatriots says:

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  19. lesrambles1 says:

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  20. BloodofPatriots says:

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  21. lesrambles1 says:

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  22. BloodofPatriots says:

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  23. BloodofPatriots says:

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  24. DPE3926 says:

    @BloodofPatriots You sound like an ignorant redneck, so I suppose you’re an authority on rednecks.

  25. MrStuDubb says:

    @lesrambles1 Anything can happen, but thats not a bad bet