Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin UFC 116 (Gracie Breakdown)

By , January 19, 2011 11:15 pm

Shane Carwin Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. ferreirafsa says:


    Lol. Agreed, run out and get rid of problems.

  2. HiGHT87 says:

    @ferreirafsa Yeah, BJJ is very usefull when you have one guy in a triangle or maybe a RNC and his friend jumps over your head with a brick or sumthin……. BJJ is ONLY god 1 on 1… The BEST thing for self defence is to be Usain Bolt.

  3. ferreirafsa says:

    No matter what people says. Is proved. Its the most effective martial art on thw world. 90% of the ordinay fights ands on the ground, where BJJ is unbeatable.

  4. ferreirafsa says:


    Its the same thing.
    JJ is originally a japanese art. Then, japanese imigrants came to Brazil nd teached it for the Gracies, they adpted it and made the actual JJ known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

  5. 702decatur says:

    @TheKrille95 Lineage and mostly Self Defense..

  6. erns928 says:

    why didnt u guys do the chris lytle and matt brown submission

  7. thatkindofguy234 says:

    @TheKrille95 Gracie Jiu Jitsu is seen as self defense and BJJ is seen as a sport.

  8. Iaintom says:

    “I’ve never been caught in an arm triangle in my life”

  9. bobbybushae339 says:

    in the simplest sense
    BJJ is primarily taught as a sport and for use in a sporting context
    GJJ is taught first and foremost as a method of self defense for street fights, which can also be applied inside the ring

  10. 15leighton says:

    9:27 was crazy .. he transitioned into the triangle unbelievably quickly! Much respect to the gracie’s!

  11. PhunkieProdiG says:

    @pwnage333 ?

  12. pwnage333 says:

    @PhunkieProdiG Generally fighters train at one gym and training with others is frowned upon. Its like you have a gym membership, you pay for your trainers and stuff, and if you go somewhere else what’s the point? Say nothing for personal ties and PR.

  13. harris0n5 says:

    If shade flipped over like that got up an knocked him out probable the most awesome thing ever

  14. 1987Perroloko says:

    This guys are great instructors…!!!!!

  15. haitianxu says:

    Love these breakdown analysis. Much appreciated.

  16. afhostie says:

    @mikey4u1984 Judo was created for self defense. kano took what he knew from jujitsu and then organized the techniques and removed others so that moves could be practiced at full speed against a resisting opponent as he thought that live sparring was a better way to learn than in kata only. it was not developed to be a sport but to be more sophisticated than jujistu which was just a collection of random techniques. it was adopted as the art for the japanese police before it was called a sport.

  17. ScreamarN says:

    the guy with white pants is on crack, for sure.

  18. Manny1222 says:


  19. TurdFurginson says:

    @mikey4u1984 God don’t even get me started on TKD haha but ya I think you get my point.

  20. mikey4u1984 says:

    @TurdFurginson I think you are referring to “Budo” instead, which is specifically a Japanese umbrella of martial arts and that does include everything you mentioned but im not sure if that is what you mean. Regardless in todays age the lines of martial arts are getting very blurry, they have all taken techniques from each other and that is cool. Just stay out of Ninjitsu and Tae Kwon Do, lol.

  21. TurdFurginson says:

    @mikey4u1984 Well I stand corrected in the fact that judo/aikido/etc. aren’t Jiujitsu, but my point was they all fall under the “jutsu” category, meaning they’re all of Japanese orginin. If anything it wasn’t so much as the philosophy behind each arts that I was discussing but rather the evolution of a technique from one style to another. Thanks for the clarification.

  22. mikey4u1984 says:

    @TurdFurginson Its funny you say that, O goshi is my favorite tokui waza lol, Yes Judo can be used in self defense but that is not the main purpose of Judo, this is not up for debate but its the truth. Judo purpose is to teach physical and mental strength. Judo is not up for interpretation it is what it is and if you need some clarification go to judoforum and ask some senior sensei, they are very cool and will tell you why Judo is not Ju Jutsu and cannot and shall not be used interchangeably.

  23. TurdFurginson says:

    @mikey4u1984 No, judo was created as a self defense system developed by Kano Jegoro b/c he couldn’t defend himself properly due to his unusually small size. Like countless other styles(e.g.- Karate, Muay Thai, TKD) that started out as martial arts, judo became sport so practioners could safely test their skills. If you don’t think judo can be used to kill/maim someone, go find any decent judoka and have him O goshi you on solid concrete and try to not see stars.

  24. mikey4u1984 says:

    Discerning proper terminology is not just semantics. Judo does not fall under the umbrella of Ju Jutsu, Judo is not a “Jutsu” it is a Gendai. “Jutsu” arts are not sports, they are meant to kill or maim and are trained for those purposes. Judo for example was designed to be a sport that allows partners to fully resist each others attacks with the thought of always having safety and mutual respect. So dont confuse yourself by thinking semantics is the only difference.

  25. PhunkieProdiG says:

    I truly love BJJ and very passionate about this martial art… I wonder… I’m a big fan of Shane Carwin as well and instead of training BJJ at his gym why doesn’t he go to Gracie University? I don’t know if theres any rule or anything but yeah…