Shane Carwin vs Mark Hunt UFC undisputed 3.MP4

By , March 13, 2012 6:28 am

Shane Carwin Video Ranking: 4 / 5

9 Responses to “Shane Carwin vs Mark Hunt UFC undisputed 3.MP4”

  1. latandafour says:

    Wish there was a chin stat in this – Hunt would be a fucking boss then…

  2. ColonyWarrior says:

    lol that would be a war

  3. subslament says:

    Its what I said on a different video and on a Sherdog Forum..

    I am a huge fan of Hunt.. But the issue with his player model is..
    His head just looks way too small.

    Look at it compared to Shane’s head. Damn.

    I cant wait to fucking buy this game. HUGE PRIDE FAN! Huge Cro Cop fan.. and a huge Hunt Fan

  4. TheNobleJay says:

    Hunt almost looks like a cartoon character.

  5. gameplayer1980 says:

    Wow even these two guys almost went a decision. Very encouraging sign!

  6. JoeNovax says:

    You know this sets up a match between Hunt(2-0) and Don Frye(1-0). Sim, ultimate ai, pride championship match.

  7. ieyanynwa9 says:

    the reversel spam is ridiculous..

  8. AndroidNr15 says:

    @ryanhot2003 not pride mark hunt!

  9. ryanhot2003 says:

    thank you for the upload but in real life shane carwin would rape mark hunt everyone knows that