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Shane Carwin To Come Back To Fight Brock

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By , August 12, 2016 9:06 am

Those who are fans of Shane Carwin will be happy to know that he has been planning to retire only after he successfully defends the belt that he holds.

He also would like to fight against Brock which indicates that a fight would soon be held between the two. Whether he fights Brock or anyone else, he would surely be getting fights organized by UFC for him. Many fans would be happy as he has been out of the ring for five years now. Known as a heavyweight boxer, he has not got into the Octagon for a while now. He is now thinking of a challenge fight that will get him freshened in the minds of fans.

There has been media coverage on how the 41 year old fighter was taking his retirement. After all, for successful fighters it is a transition that comes on in different ways. Many take on completely different courses in life while others still remain associated with the ring or the fighting associations, as ambassadors, trainers, coaches and in other roles. Shane in particular, was an unwilling one to retire but had to do so when he sustained several injuries. This happened when he fought against junior dos Santos in the year 2011. He was known to be one of the talents among the top five in his category. He was also
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